Professional Elder and Pediatric  Care
  1. Personal Care
    Our qualify caregivers help Covenant home healthcare clients with activities of daily living such as bathing and bathroom functions, grooming /dressing, and Fall prevention
  2. Home Help
    Our registered Nurses educate clients and family during their routine visitation, while our Personal Care Aides(PCA)/Home Health Aides(HHA) perform house keeping chore such as making beds, laundry, preparing meals and washing dishes.
  3. Companionship
    We provide companionship to our clients, plan and assist in client's recreational activities, medication reminder and help in keeping doctors appointment.
Covenant Home Health Care Agency was established out of passion and commitment to service clients who chose to remain in their home and still maintain a good and sound quality of life. To eleviate the burden on caregiver(families) and to give their love ones good quality of life. The uniqueness of this agency is in the name of the agency itself " Covenant Home HealthCare"; (a) A Covenant of best quality of care (b) A Covenant of confidentiality/Privacy (c) A Covenant of respect of autonomy and (d) A covenant of equal treatment. 
Thank you for visiting Covenant Home HealthCare web page. Our Covenant to our clients is to provide the best quality care at the comfort of thier home. 
  1. Steve Atkins
    Steve Atkins
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